Basker Chockalingam
Director 2017-19
Rotary Club of Karur
Tamil Nadu, India

Basker Chockalingam is a managing partner at the manufacturing firm VNC, the retail distributor of Tata Steel for the state of Tamil Nadu. Recognizing his contribution to the growth of small industry, the state government honored him with the Best Small-Scale Entrepreneur Award in 1986.

Chockalingam has held high-level positions in several industrial groups and sports associations. He has received honors including the Vijay Shree Award, National Unity Award, Shiromani Vikas Award, and Hindu Gaurav Award for outstanding performance in a chosen field and in service of society.

A Rotarian since 1988, he has served as Rotary coordinator, committee member, and district governor. Chockalingam is a Benefactor and Major Donor of The Rotary Foundation, and a recipient of the Foundation’s Citation for Meritorious Service.