RI Awards

The family of Rotary extends beyond individual Rotarians and Rotary clubs to include other service-minded people who help with the organization's work. Groups such as Rotaract, Interact, and Rotary Community Corps serve side by side with sponsor clubs, using their diverse skills to improve the quality of life in their communities. Below are some of the latest statistics available, as of 31 October 2011. (*as of 4 October 2011)










50 years membership award

Individual Rotarian



Automatic Certification




Annual Membership Clubs Development & Extension Award


For substantial increase in Membership with highest retention rate. Sponsors new club (achieve one of these criteria)

Club with highest growth percentage inducts maximum new members

DG to identify Clubs and to report to RI

15th May

Districts reaching present membership doals also would be recognized


Award of Honour

Heads of State

To honour Heads of State

Heads of State or persons in comparable positions

RI President nominates and the Board Grants.

No dead line

Upto 5 Awards / Years


Club Anniversary Certificate


Completing 50 & 75 Years


Automatic Certification




Four Avenues of service

Indvidul Rotarians

To provide a means for Rotary Club to persinally recognize one member of the Club of Outstanding service in the Four Avenues of service

All Rotarians except present or incoming R.I officer, PDGs eligible from 1999-2000

THe Club may submit nomination to R.I President with information, copy to the District Governer

Any time Between July To Mid Feb

Only one person of the club may be Nominated


Presidental Citation


To increase Rotary club involvement in the Four Avenues of Service

Criteria issued every year

DG to submit nomination to RI

Varies year to year

If 50% of club in district receive this citation, DG is eligible for special recognition


Public Relations Awards


Generate increased awareness and understanding of Rotary through outstanding of Rotary through outstanding media coverage for publicrelations efforts

Single project that improves Rotary’s Visibility and image in the community

DG to submit nominations with supporting materials to RI

Varies year to year



RI Recognition of Outstanding Rotract Rotaract Project

Rotarat Club

To recognize Rotaract Club projects that show collaboration between the club & its Rotary Sponsor




Recipients to be recognized at Rotract Pre Convention meeting


Rotary award for World Understanding

Non Rotarians

To recognize no-Rotarian whose life of work identifies with the rotary ideal of service

Individual who promote international understanding, goodwill and peace

By RI selection committee and approved by RI Board & TRF

No dead line

An Award of US$ 100,000 & Crystal Flame Trophy.


Service above self Award

Individual Rotarian

To recognize the Exemplary Humanitarian Service in any form in helping others through rotary

Rotarians except IPDG, DG, DGE, incoming & at any level & serving R.I Directors, TRF Trustees, PRID Past Trustees for 5 years. (Previous Four 201-2002)

DG, IPDG, current & past Directors to nominate & RI Bord reviews, Each nominate not more than tree

15th Sept

Max 150 awards per year, Individuals may receive the award only once


Significant Achievement Award


To recognize an outstanding club project that meets a local community need

A project that could be emulated, enhancnce Rotary's image & meets the community requirements

DG may nominate one project to RI

Varies year to year

One project eligilble for qward only once